Home manual Electric Valve Actuators EW211 - Industrial
Composition Part and Operation Manual
This gas leak alarm shut-off device consists of control device and shut-off device, which is composed of three parts including gas leakage alarm.
These three parts are closely connected one another, and in case any one part does not work nor exists, auto shut-off will not be operated even gas is leaked and therefore, correct understanding is necessary for each part in its installation.
Control Device
As control device controls the shut-off device by being connected to alarm device and shut-off device, it notices the leakage area by sounding the alarm when signal nos. 1, 2 and 3 are lightened as the alarm signal coming from the gas alarm device is connected to the signal input terminal in case of gas leakage. The signal can be detected from the remote area and it has the function to shut automatically the valve by transmitting the output (DC voltage).
Shut-off Device
As shut-off device is the one connecting/driving the clamp and valve handle through gear reduction device by using D.C electric motor, it makes 90’forward/reverse rotation by D.C electricity supplied from the control device.