Home manual Electric Valve Actuators EW211
Function of Each Part and Title Explanation
① Valve open/close switch: Switch which can turn on and off the on-the-spot shut device from control device.
② Valve open Lamp : shut-off valve opens when it turns on.
③ valve close Lamp : shut-off valve closes when it turns on. If it gives off alarm, alarm lamp turns off and Close lamp blinks and shut-off valve automatically shuts off.
④ Terminal Stand: open cover, connect power line, shut-off output line and alarm signal line to terminal connection diagram.
① Clamp for Attachment
- Attach main body and valve of shut-off device with metal connection part on pipe so that main body and valve are horizontal.
② Clamp for Valve handle Driving
- One end is connected to central axis of shut-off device and the other end is connected to existing VALVE HANDLE. Valve operates when shut-off device operates.
③ Manual S/W (Actuators Clutch)
- To manually operate Valve, hold and turn as shown in Fig.② while pressing above button.