Home manual Pressure Gauge EW601
Pressure switch indicator(Receiver Part)
Name Pressure switch indicator(Receiver Part)
Power 220V AC 60㎐ (230V 50Hz, 100V 50Hz option)
Power consumption Normal : 2W Alarm : 3W
Operating Temperature Range -10℃~ 50℃
Alarm Lampe Yellow(LOW) Lamp and Red(HI) Lamp
Alarm output Buzzer alarm(over 70dB) lamp blinking
(EW601 CR-no Pressure contact point output during alarm)
Applied Gas LPG, LNG, Air, other gas without corrosiveness
Dimension 114*250*80
Weight 1456g
Pressure switch (Gauge/ Manometer)
Name Pressure switch (Gauge/ Manometer)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~ 50℃
Humidity Range 0 ~ 95% RH
Pressure Error Rate ±5%
Explosion Proof Specification Explosion proof ExⅡBT6
Dimension Ø168*88
Weight 2244g
Low Pressure and High Pressure Contact Capacity DC 12V 100 mA