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Measure against Abnormal Status
Abnormal Status Measure
In case alarm is frequentlysounded during cooking Please keep away installation place of alarm device from cooking device owing to false operation from vapor or miscellaneous gas. (To install it within 4m and above 1m radius from cooking device.)
Relative to inspection of alarm device, in case flickering buzzer is not sounded in alarm lamp (yellow) even standard gas is inserted during operation It is the case that gas can not be detected owing to overage of sensor detection in alarm device. Please enquire the main office or the selling store.
In case alarm is sounded when spray typeof insecticide is used In case spray type of insecticide or other volatile gas is used, alarm device may be operated. (It can be reused afterremoval of the smell.)
In case alarm is continuously sounded under the state when alarm lamp (yellow) is off. Gas detection sensor is out of life span or does not work. Please stop using it andenquire the main office or the selling store.
In case alarm is continuously soundedwithout interruption. In case it is not gas leakage after confirmation, please separate the electric cord and enquire the main office or the selling office.
In case no alarm lamp turns on To confirm the electric cord, and in case thecord is normal, please enquire the mainoffice or the selling office.