Home manual Gas Leak Detector AC Type
Notice and Instructions
① It is not allowed for any person except the engineer of our company to disassemble, alter and repair the device.
② Surely to install the earthing line in case it is the product with earthing terminal.
③ Do not touch the electric cord or body with wet hand.
*Improper Place for Installation: Ventilation fan, electric fan, air inlet, place with much steam and moisture around exit, and place with excessive smoking or heat

① Do not wet the body.
② No impact, drop or throwing is allowed.
③ Do not cover or hide the gas leak alarm device (detection device).
④ Please pull out the electric cord by grasping the plug.
⑤ Do not damage the electric cord nor put heavy material on it.
⑥ Do not use it in the place with much moisture or dust.
⑦ Do not carry out the silicone work to affect the gas leak alarm device (detection device), which will be the trouble reason owing to the material occurred in silicone adhesive.
⑧ As for the voltage, please use the rated voltage indicated on the product
⑨ Do not spray the kind such as aromatic, insecticide and etc. to the gas detection device.
⑩ Please take gas leakage test with standard gas.

《Instructions for Operation》
① If warning is despised, there is any possibility that the person is dead or badly wounded.
② If any instruction is despised and falsely treated, any physical damage may occur.